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Stay ‘Summer ready’ all year round with our range of designer swimwear. Whether you’re looking for glamorous bikini sets, mix n’ match items, flattering one-pieces, or chic coverups, our swim edit offers something to flatter every shape, curve and size. With a range of feel-good fabrics, standout prints, eclectic embellishments, plunging necklines and cheeky bottoms, it’s time to make a splash whether you’re heading to a boat party, beach holiday or practising your strokes in the pool.

Women’s swimwear experienced real evolution. Nowadays women can’t decide what kind of swimwear they should wear. There are numerous different bikinis, tankinis, burkinis, monokinis, trikinis, skirtinis, one-shoulder bikinis, no-shoulder swimwear, swimwear for volleyball, swimwear for bodybuilding, mix, and match bikinis, we could list them hundreds of different ones. Yet, women’s swimwear is a relatively recent piece of clothing. 

It was introduced as a tank suit, a one-piece swimsuit, which was worn in tanks or swimming pools in the United States and Canada in the 1920s. it was a decent piece of clothing, which didn’t reveal anything.But, it didn’t take too long before it happened. The total explosion of women’s swimsuits since the bikini was revealed.

The first presentation of women’s bikinis took place in July 1946., when clothing designer Louis Réard introduced his new brand, named after the Bikini Atoll, where the first public test of a nuclear bomb had taken place only several days before. And it has surely shaken the world like an atomic bomb. The bikini was classic beachwear, yet it was considered controversial, and it was slowly accepted. 

Bikini revolution and it's returning to decent frames 

Still, even though bikinis had enemies all around the world, for example, France banned bikinis in 1949. from beaches and other public places, and Germany had bikini proscription on public swimming pools until the 1970s, bikini found his place as beachwear and women liked to wear them on the beach, it was revelling their femininity, and the revolution of the 60s was just around the corner.

Since it didn’t disappear, the bikini had its second birth during the 60s, when it gained wide acceptance, mostly because the 60s were known as years of love freedom, and also bikini was worn by movie stars who presented their body publicly (we all remember Ursula Anders white bikini from James Bonds Dr No, movie which skyrocketed two-piece bikini sales. Fun fact – Ursula was one of the creators of that bikini. Another one was costume designer Tessa Prendergast, and they invented a revolutionary bikini brand - a white belted bikini with brass buckles and fittings).

There was no beach in the world where you couldn’t see beautiful women wearing bikinis and enjoying their time on the beach. And then bikini becomes lesser and lesser, which resulted in a monokini, also known as topless swimsuit or unikini, women's one-piece swimsuit comparable to the lower half of a bikini. It was designed by Austrian fashion designer Rudi Gernreich in 1964., which brought another revolution – the topless beachwear revolution. But it didn’t stop there. Same bold or visionary designer, Rudi Gernreich, only ten years after, 1974. Introduced thongs, also known as G-strings or microkinis, which is extremely minimalistic bikini made with only enough fabric to cover the genital parts.

With thongs, bikinis reached their high peak, and only nudism beaches were more extreme than beaches with regular beachwear. In the late nineties, the bikini era revolves in another direction. A lot of women starts wearing tankini, swimsuit combining a tank top and a bikini bottom, and on beaches all around the world, women start wearing colourful burkinis, swimsuit which covers the whole body except the face, the hands, and the feet.

As we mentioned before, women’s swimwear unquestionably brought a variety of different swimwear models.There are several categories and bikini models, different brands, and collections that you can find among our swimwear collection. You can find all kinds of bikini sets, bikini tops and bottoms, and one-piece beachwear.