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No outfit is complete without the perfect designer accessory. Style up your look and express your individuality with our complete range of cute hats and caps, cross-body bags and pouches, fashionable ballet and Pilates socks, premium yoga mats and towels, and high-quality water bottles.  If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your look then browse our highly curated selection of accessories.

Our main category, Accessories, is divided into several subcategories which are consistent with other parts.  So let’s dive in and break down the Accessories category at Tribe71 online shop. Subcategories of Accessories are Headwear, Active Accessories, Bags, Footwear, and Yoga Accessories.

Active Accessories contains Mats, Sports Bands, Water Bottles, hand towels and Armbands. In a subcategory Bags, you can find Tote Bags, Pouches, Backpacks, Yoga Bags, Cross Body Bags, Bum Bags and always handy, Beach Bags.

SML Accessories has the following sections of workout Socks. 
These accessories come from a variety of brands, like Mobot and No ka' oi,  and last but not the least, Yoga Design Lab.


Mobot and Tribe71
Mobot company is located in Venice, California, US, and it is famous thanks to the Mobot 2-in-1 foam roller water bottles. There are three main Mobot bottles: Big Bertha, Grace, and Firecracker which is wrapped with memorable foam that can be used for massage. This kind of massage with a Mobot foam roller water bottle helps reducing inflammation and muscle tension while improving circulation and aiding recovery after an exhausting workout. All Mobot products are made out of 100% Recycled Stainless Steel and Non-toxic high-density EVA foam.

Yoga Design Lab and Tribe71
Yoga Design Lab is a US-based company, which was first started on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. They are a world-famous company that is making yoga accessories out of recycled material. For one yoga mat, they are using biodegradable natural tree rubber and 15 recycled plastic bottles.There are numerous Yoga Design Lab products which are divided into three main categories: Yoga mats, Towels, and Accessories & Props.

Yoga mats contain the following products: Combo mats, Infinity mats, Cork mats, and Flow mats. There are two types of towels: Hand towels and Mat towels. In the category Accessories & Props, Yoga Design Lab contains the following products: Wheels, Bolsters, Straps, Blocks, and always useful Yoga bags.

Accessories at Tribe71
With our wide range of custom-made and specialized accessories, you are on the way to supply yourself with unique and highly useful products from diverse accessories manufacturers.

Browse through our offer of different accessories products and choose those which will be both, useful and fashion decoration. Headwears like all kinds of caps, beanies, hairbands and hats, Active Accessories like mats, sport bands and various water bottles, numerous Bags, for all occasions and SML Accessories like socks are waiting for you. Take your time, go through the whole product base, and after a while, decide and order.