A good pair versus
the best pair

So, you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a decent pair of loveable leggings, but you’ve hit a roadblock. The shelves in front of you are tiled with endless colours, forms, fits and functions and quite frankly, you don’t really have the time to be jumping in and out.

Let’s begin with the purpose. Are your leggings for everyday comfort? Lazing around the house, a chore here and there, possibly meeting the girls later for lunch? We have the perfect one; not leggings or tights by definition, but definitely the solution to an easy going day is the Mellow Pant (Blush) by L’urv which is a combination of sweatpants with the fashionable legging element.

Another standout in the Tribe71 collection is the No ka' oi Marble 7/8 Leggings; designed to highlight the best features of your body with a high-waisted cut and beautiful marble finish, you’re looking at a pair that giving you the best of both worlds. With lightweight material and seamless fit, your workout is the only thing that’ll be on your mind.

However, if you’re shopping for something that’ll keep up with you as you sweat the calories away (and look good doing so), the Heroine Sport collection is the shelf you’re headed towards.

As you can see, both offer completely different functions, but aren’t about to break the monthly budget. When you’re considering a new pair, think about how often you’re willing to use it. A great pair will last about a year, if taken care of properly. From there, it’s simply about choosing your own.